Technology, the Church, and the Future of Seminaries [Podcast]

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Social Media Church Podcast Host, Jay Kranda interviews Freddy Cardoza about technology, the church, and the future of seminaries.

Podcast Host Jay Kranda asks Freddy the following questions:

  • How much should church leaders and pastors think about using technology in their ministry? Should technology be more integrated into colleges and seminaries?
  • Do you think seminaries will be just as relevant and practical for church leaders and pastors 10 years from now with the growth of online training being available and free?
  • Should churches be doing more live training in-person, on-site or on-demand online training?
  • What are some creative new trends with technology that you think will impact the church and ministries in the next 3-5 years?

This podcast originally posted at SocialMedia.Church

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